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PFS Cleaning Service

PFS stands for Petroleum Forecourt Services1 and it is a term used to describe various services that are offered to maintain and clean petrol station forecourts. These services are performed by trained operatives who have specialised vehicles and equipment. They also have certifications such as Petroleum Safety Passport or UKPIA accreditation to ensure they comply with health, safety and environmental standards. These services help improve the appearance of petrol stations and prevent pollution incidents such as spills or overflows. Some of these services include:

Forecourt surface deep cleaning: This involves using high-pressure water jets or steam cleaners to remove dirt, grime, oil stains, chewing gum and other debris from the forecourt floor.
Gutter and gully pot clearances involve clearing out any blockages or obstructions in the gutters and gullies that drain water from the forecourt.
Canopy cleaning: This involves cleaning the canopy that covers the fuel pumps and provides shelter for customers and staff. It may involve removing dust, dirt, bird droppings, spider webs, algae and moss from the canopy surface, fascia, cladding and framework.
Car wash bay cleaning: This involves cleaning the car wash equipment and area, including removing soap scum, dirt, grease and limescale from the brushes, rollers, jets and floor.
Signage cleaning: This involves cleaning the signs that display prices, offers and branding on the forecourt. It may involve wiping down or polishing metal surfaces or using specialised products to remove graffiti or stickers.
Shop fascia cleaning: This involves cleaning the front of the shop that faces the forecourt. It may involve washing windows, doors, frames and signs to remove dirt, dust and fingerprints.